This is our latest advice:

“Each resident can have named visitors with arrangements to be agreed with the care home.

These visitors should be tested using rapid lateral flow tests on the day of every visit and produce a negative COVID test prior to their visit.

Testing is one way of reducing the risk of visiting a care home, but it does not mean there is no longer any risk. The visitor should also wear appropriate PPE and follow all other infection prevention and control measures.

Visitors are advised to keep physical contact to a minimum. Physical contact like handholding is acceptable if hand washing protocols are followed. Close personal contact such as hugging presents higher risks but will be safer if it is between people who are double vaccinated, without face-to-face contact, and there is brief contact only “

I hope you are all feeling able to come to see your loved ones when you want to

The appointment system seems to work well for us, is it problematical for you?

Keep safe. Visit when you can

Forget everything you think you know about Care Homes, Coombe House is different

It looks like your own home, comfortable and familiar. Open the door and you’ll hear singing, laughter. You’ll see vegetables being prepared for lunch, cakes being baked.

On a warm day, you’ll find us in the garden, with our dogs (we are registered with the Cinnamon Trust), or feeding our chickens, picking apples in the orchard.

Everyone is equal and valued. We go to great lengths to get to know the people who live with us. We understand and respect the way they want to live their lives. We invite families to take part in the daily life at our Home, to eat meals with us when they visit.

We have no set routine anyone must follow, every day is different. Our people can make choices – when to get up and when to go to bed, what to wear, where to sit, what to do to pass the time of day, where to eat meals, what to eat, which visitors they do or don’t want to see, which daily paper they might like to read. The doors of our home aren’t locked and our beautiful gardens are there to enjoy.

We don’t wear uniforms. There’s no “them and us”. We work together and eat together. We choose our staff carefully. They have to be special. The training we give them means the staff team is excellent. We were proud to be recognised as a Dementia Care Matters Butterfly Service level one, in 2019.


Check out the details here of our equality and diversity polices here: