Choosing A Home

NOW I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE !  I found it difficult and distressing when I had to find a care home for my mother, 350 miles away.

Of course, I would have liked her at Coombe but she was too frail to travel.

I looked at 29 care homes on the internet in one day and was bewildered and exhausted. What was the difference between dementia residential and dementia nursing? Would the staff be kind? Was there music? Was there a garden? Would she be allowed outside? I didn’t even really know what order my questions came in, but I had so many.

What I couldn’t do, because I was so far away, was visit. I knew this was the only way to really know if somewhere is right. I asked my brother to visit. I asked him to tell me what his gut feeling was when he walked in, what it FELT LIKE . He told me, “It feels like Coombe. It has the same spirit”, and I knew I’d got it right.

We hope you will know Coombe is “right” from the first moment you step inside the door. We will be there to meet you, to make you welcome, to offer tea or coffee and to answer your questions.

Please visit us if you can. We will be pleased to see you.

If you can’t visit, telephone for a chat. We’ll be there to listen

We welcome visitors at any time. Come for coffee, tea, a walk in the garden, meet our staff.

Telephone ahead and we will set aside the time you need.

” These days it’s rare to say you’ve found something that is outstanding”
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“The staff are very understanding and treat each resident as an individual.” Read more