Our Team

Ann Gray
Registered Provider. Trained at St Bartholomew’s and qualified in 1970 as a Registered General Nurse. Ann bought Coombe House in 1984 and the first resident arrived in March 1985.
“I still enjoy what I do every day.”
David Woolley
At Coombe since April 2013.
“You couldn’t live with Ann and not care passionately about the work we do at Coombe House”
Dementia Care Matters, I year course in Person Centred Dementia Care “an emotional journey” 2017-201
Penny Wheeler
I have always been some part of Coombe House, returning to work here with Joshua when he was two, in 2015. Foundation Course in Falmouth School of Art and Design. BA Hons Visual Communications/Media, Maidstone School of Art and Design. Foundation course in Art Therapy October 2019
Sara Hawes
At Coombe since November 2014 “I find Coombe a really calm nurturing environment even though a lot of hard work is being done” University of Surrey – One year course at diploma level Person Centred dementia care “an emotional journey”
Joy Hawes
At Coombe since 2011 “I like the Home from Home”
Alli Symons
At Coombe since Feb 2018
Sophie Barnes
At Coombe since Nov 2021
Ana-Maria Trankulov
At Coombe since December 2021
Sian Mallet
At Coombe since 20.09.22
Abbie Bradbury
At Combe since 22.2.23
Lorraine Adams
At Coombe since 16.2.23
Paul Clue
At Coombe since 8.3.23
Jamie Bradbury
At Coombe since 21.5.23
Isla Stewart
At Coombe since August 2020
Jordan Barnett
Cook, at Coombe since 1.5.23
Connie Masters
At Coombe since Oct 2020
Amber Pearce
Will come back to us as soon as Baby George can be left behind!
Sheree Leans
At Coombe since November 2022
Ellie Bolton
At Coombe since June 2022
Sally Pestell
After many years of teaching in Primary schools in Cornwall decided to embark on a career change and in 2015 graduated from Bristol UWE with an MA in Music Therapy. I have worked at Coombe since October 2014 where hold a weekly open music therapy group and also work with some individual residents (upon request). . In the group session we work with memorable music and songs as this is a powerful way to unlock precious memories from the past and bring them into the present moment. Music therapy can support psychological and emotional needs within a safe environment thereby enhancing the quality of life. I have noticed how there is always a positive mood shift by the end of the session. We sing, play, dance, laugh and cry together interacting in a way that is meaningful and usually full of fun! . I love my Work at Coombe because it gives residents an opportunity to be heard and valued for who they are. I consider it a privilege to be able to witness that. Every week is different but the ‘golden moments’ are always there! The hardworking and dedicated staff together with the nurturing ethos of Coombe make it a very special and unique place. MA Music Therapy
At Coombe since October 2014
Keith Haley,
At Coombe since Dec 2019
Unsung hero of the year 2021.
Suzi Hartshorn
Gardener at Coombe
Jane Stewart
BA Hons Landscape Architecture, Leeds Metropolitan University NVQ Horticulture, Camborne Postgraduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture, Cheltenham
At Coombe House since 2015 – Gardener
Hannah Wheeler
Started helping at Coombe this year

All photos by Penelope Wheeler